BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

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Our vision is a sustainable health care system built on a foundation of quality.

Our mission is to provide system-wide leadership through collaboration with patients, the public and those working within the health system in a relentless pursuit of quality.

Here is a detailed look at how we are putting these statements into action.

Improving quality is accomplished by making changes in our health system that deliver the best care possible for all patients. It takes place in many forms, from implementing clinical guidelines and pre-surgery checklists to investigating adverse events and leading improvement initiatives at all levels of the health care system.

We help this happen.

Building capacity and capability within the health system lies at the core of quality improvement.

That’s why we offer numerous learning programs tailored to the needs of specific audiences, like frontline providers and health system executives. We also identify and spread the latest evidence-based advances in clinical care so that health care providers know how to best care for their patients.

British Columbians should be confident that they will be cared for by a system that aims to provide the highest quality of care possible. Our health system is constantly improving and is guided by the latest research but it also needs feedback from those it serves.

Many opportunities exist for you to become involved in your health system.